Preserve Your Past and Connect to Your Future

Humanity is more connected now than ever before. The average person has 338 Facebook friends and growing, but we have never felt so alone.

Loneliness has doubled over the last 50 years, and has health risks similar to smoking cigarettes or obesity.

Sharing genuine memories about your life and family history is good for you and good for those you share memories with.

We founded Fyli to be a private place to preserve your stories and memories from the past and the present. But, preserving your memories is not enough. We made it easy to share your memories with those close to you, and for them to share their memories with you.

All Your Memories in One Place

When you add memories to Fyli, you select the date when the memory happened. You can view your memories by the order they were added to Fyli or chronologically by the date the memory happened.

Preserve and share in one place a fishing trip with Grandma from 25 years ago and a video of your child’s first steps from today.

Family on the beach

Share Your Memories

Fyli is private by default. Your memories our yours and only those you explicitly share with can see shared memories.

Sharing on Fyli is based on relationship Groups. Examples of Groups could be your immediate family, your extended family, and your partner’s family. Each Group represents a set of people you want to share different memories with.

Memories can be shared with zero, one, or more Groups. If you don’t share a memory with a Group it is private to you. Sometimes there are memories just for you. Other memories you may want to share with a specific Group or you may want to share it with more than one Group.

Organize Your Memories

You can add your memories and memories shared with you by others to Albums. Albums can be used to group and view memories by events (birthdays, holidays), type (family recipes, children's art), or by who they are about (Grandma).

You can view your timeline of memories by time of year (day and month). When you select a date to view, Fyli shows you only memories from around that date. See your kids first day of school or Christmas morning from every year all at once.

Your Fyli stream contains all the memories you create and all the memories that are shared with you by people connected to you. You can see all the memories together or filter the memories shown by who shared the memory.

Join Fyli today to start preserving your memories and passing them on to the next generation.