Sharing on Fyli

Sharing on Fyli is built around Groups.

We have natural circles of friends and family in our lives. Groups are a way to represent those circles. One Group in your life is those you live with. A second Group could be your family and another Group could be your partner's family.

Fyli makes it easy to create Groups for each circle and share moments explicitly with only the people in that Group. You create your Groups and you choose who is in each of them. People can be in more than one Group.

As you add your memories to Fyli you can share them with one or more Groups. Only people in a Group that have a memory shared with it can see that memory. Before you post your memory on Fyli, you will see a list of all of the people who will be able to see your memory.

Because you decide who you of share each memory with, you are free to share your personal and authentic, everyday memories with those closest to you.