Fyli Terms & Conditions

Cultural Ethos: Choose Kindness, Embrace Joy, Let go

Fyli is intended and designed to be a social media platform that enables positive affirming interactions amongst family and dear friends.

We will do everything we can to maintain this positive environment for all users and we ask the same of you. We come from a big, complicated family so we understand that some family and friend interactions are not always positive (because we are all imperfect human beings). We understand that not all memories are good and some relationships have a truly painful history. However, we believe that it is really important as human beings to --- from time to time --- choose to intentionally focus our attention on what is good and what is kind. To reminisce about wonderful moments, regal each other with funny stories (in some cases the SAME stories over & over), share moments that create warmth and maybe even increase love. That’s what our ancestors did thousands of years ago when huddled around campfires, it’s probably not a bad idea to try it ourselves.

Rules of Engagement:

Effectively, we ask that individuals treat each other with respect (and hopefully even kindness).

If there are any deep-rooted family and friend issues that members for whatever reason desire to air publicly, we would direct you to watch Jerry Springer re-runs on Youtube or air your stuff on a different social media platform. Fyli is not the platform for family drama.

If individuals want to share adult pictures or stories we would direct you to Pornhub.com. Fyli is not the platform for adult content. We understand that some of you may want to post pictures of your child’s first bath or other innocent moments like this - that kind of makes sense (but maybe consider keeping that off the internet??) - however, any illegal imagery will hand over immediately to your local authorities. Some of this is a judgement call on your part, but Fyli is not the platform for sharing your nude family beach vacations. We are not judging you, we are just saying that this is not the platform for that.

If family members start to get into angry arguments over memories, stories, etc. . . we would ask you to manage this on your own in an appropriate way. If an issue is deemed particularly negative or repetitive warnings have been provided, members can be banned from the platform.

We’ve no doubt that amongst family there may be stories, comments and more related to politics, religion, climate change, etc. . . However, if your Fyli starts to veer into affinity groups of hate speech, we will remove you from the platform and you can congregate elsewhere.

In summary our terms of use is this:

Fyli is a place for families to discover, share and preserve special memories and moments with those that are really important in their lives. In your sharing and conversations, choose kindness, embrace joy and let go of the negative stuff that holds you back from fully loving those that mean so much to you. By using Fyli you are agreeing to act lawfully, and not behave in a misleading, or fraudulent way. To use Fyli you must be at least 13 years of age. And . . . We reserve the right to remove individuals who are behaving badly.