Stories you've never heard before or pictures you've never seen


Authentic and unfiltered moments from today


Treasured stories that may be lost to the next generation

Sharing memories about your life and family history is proven to be good for you and the people you share with.

Your memories on Fyli are private by default. Sometimes a memory is just for you.

When you share a memory, you decide who has permission to see it. Share with just your partner or Grandma and Grandpa or all your cousins.

Learn more about sharing on Fyli.

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3 steps to a more connected life

Add Memories

Start adding memories. Fyli will help by prompting you with questions you can answer about your life and your family.

Keep building your story with the new memories, pictures, and videos created today.


Invite your family to Fyli so you can share your newly preserved memories with them.

When you add a memory, you choose which of your connections can see the memory.


Your memories and memories shared with you by others are all in one place to enjoy.

Use Albums to organize memories by events (birthdays), type (family recipes), or by the person they are about (Grandma).

We are committed to your privacy and our transparency.

We respect your privacy. We won't sell your data or show you advertisements.

If someone wants to share with you on Fyli, it is free for you to view the memories they share with you. It is also free for you to preserve memories for yourself.

To share your memories with your family, you will need a Premium Plan. A Premium Plan is $12 per year.

If you have a Premium Plan, you can share your memories on Fyli with your family and they do NOT need to have a Premium Plan to view them.